I'm an author, blogger, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Rolfer. I used to be an attorney.

I write and speak about emerging science that is relevant to manual and movement therapists, such as bodyworkers, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, yoga instructors, athletic coaches, etc. 

The main theme of my writing is that the nervous system has more control over pain, strength, flexibility, and endurance than most people think. 

Most of the positive feedback I receive about my writing is that it synthesizes ideas from different fields and makes complex material easy to understand and apply. 

Some frequents topics include:

  • pain science
  • the biomechanics of efficient movement
  • the neuroscience of motor control and perception
  • the cortical body maps
  • complex systems
  • movement variability
  • play
  • developmental movement patterns
  • central governors
  • corrective exercise
  • the science of mind-body practices 
  • common myths related to manual or movement therapies 

My Book

In 2014 I published a book called A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain. It has sold more than 7,000 copies, been translated into two languages, and has received acclaim from physical therapy professors, trainers for professional sports teams, neuroscientists, and researchers in pain and biomechanics. To learn more about the book click here.

My Blog

I write a blog at BetterMovement.org, which has more than 300 hundred free articles and 5,000 subscribers. Most of the readers are movement professionals like physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, yogis, martial artists and dancers.

Movement Lessons

I teach movement lessons designed to improve coordination and reduce pain. The lessons are based on the Feldenkrais Method and the science and reasoning described in my book and blog. Each lesson involves a series of slow, gentle, novel movements organized around a fundamental movement pattern like reaching, rolling, breathing, or bending the spine. You can purchase downloadable MP3 audio recordings of these lessons here.

I sometimes teach live classes or workshops in Seattle. Click here for a current schedule of classes.   


I do presentations or workshops on the subjects covered in my book and blog. Click here for a schedule of events and here to hire me to speak.


Here is a list of links to some interviews I have done where I discuss topics from my book and blog:  

My Previous Career

I used to be an attorney who had chronic pain, but eliminated my pain through self-education, lifestyle change and working on my movement. I quit the law to help others with their pain and movement in 2005.

Personal Interests

I love sports and all things related to movement health. I’m an avid athlete and play squash, soccer and pool. I’m intensely interested in almost any form of physical training or movement therapy and have read about and played with most of them - weight training, CrossFit, yoga, pilates, kettlebells, “sport specific” training, martial arts, dance, etc.   

And I have a wonderful wife and two girls!